Zombie Cat Builds


Collaboration means discussing what is possible. Let’s discuss your budget for your build. Let’s discuss the functionality. Let’s build something together that takes your ideas and turn them into something special.



Our shop hosts seasoned puppeteers, filmmakers, mascots and builders that can bring their experience to the table to make sure that what we make together works and is durable. We have the professional digital and physical maquette tools to help us communicate whether we are in the same room or across the ocean.



Just a few of the skills that are in our back pocket to bring to the table on your project: Sculpting. Casting. Molding. Mechanics. Armatures. Body Pods. Punching Hair. Finishing Paint Work. 3-D Printing. Routing. Controls. Welding.


We have the tools and the skills but what really makes our shop here in Atlanta, Georgia special, is our collaborative environment for our craftspeople to flourish, take chances and produce unique designs.